vSphere Snapshot

With the SovLabs vSphere Snapshot Management Module for vRealize Automation, organizations now have a worry-free method to keep snapshots in check and keep their users properly informed with regards to snapshot maintenance activity and policies.


VMware vCenter 5.5x, 6.0x, 6.5x
VMware vRealize Automation (vRA) 7.x
VMware vRealize Orchestrator (vRO) 7.x
EMC Enterprise Hybrid Cloud (EHC) 4.x

Quick Start Process

  1. Define SovLabs vCenter endpoint
  2. Define SovLabs vRA IaaS and CAFE endpoints
  3. Define Notification Configuration and Group
  4. Define Snapshot configuration


  1. vSphere vCenter(s) are properly configured
  2. Cluster(s) and host group(s) are properly configured