The SovLabs Notifications module for vRealize Automation provides an easy yet highly flexible way to send email or REST-based web service notifications based on the success or failure of machine lifecycle events.


VMware vRealize Automation (vRA) 7.x
VMware vRealize Orchestrator (vRO) 7.x
EMC Enterprise Hybrid Cloud (EHC) 4.x

Quick Start Process

  1. Define notification configuration
  2. Define a notification group
  3. Apply to existing blueprint and provision!


  1. User account with permissions to the webservices and/or email servers desired
  2. If utilizing an email server, gather the following details:
    • IP Address/hostname of the email server
    • Is the service SMTP or IMAP?
    • Credential details (username/password)
    • Whether SSL/TLS or STARTTLS is required to send emails through your email server
    • Port # of SMTP or IMAP service on that host
      • Common ports: (please verify with administrator or provider)
        • SMTP: 25, 465 (SSL), 587 (STARTTLS)
        • IMAP: 143 or 993 (SSL)