Microsoft IPAM

The SovLabs Microsoft IPAM module for vRealize Automation enables organizations who utilize Microsoft IPAM for centralized IP address management to now have a fully automated method of obtaining and releasing IP addresses as the cloud environment dynamically scales. IP subnets can now easily be shared between vRA deployments and alongside existing tools and devices without fear of IP conflict.


Microsoft Windows IPAM 2008R2, 2012R2, 2016
VMware vRealize Automation (vRA) 7.x
VMware vRealize Orchestrator (vRO) 7.x
EMC Enterprise Hybrid Cloud (EHC) 4.x

Quick Start Process

  1. Define Microsoft endpoint
  2. Define IPAM profile
  3. Apply to existing blueprint and provision!


  1. Install IPAM client on Microsoft IPAM (target or proxy) server:
    1. Server Manager > Manage > Add Roles and Features
    2. Accept defaults and click Next until the Features option
    3. Expand Remote Server Administration Tools > expand Feature Administration Tools
    4. Select IP Address Management (IPAM) Client
    5. Confirm and click Install
  2. Enable non-local administrators to run IPAM cmdlets