The SovLabs F5 Module for vRealize Automation sets a new standard in application delivery controller integration technology by bringing F5® BIG-IP® onto the vRA Blueprint Canvas and providing flexible deployment models and a lifecycle that is fully managed in vRealize Automation. Optional custom naming policies for F5 BIG-IP VIPs/Pools, IPAM integrations for F5 BIG-IP VIP assignment and DNS registration are also available out of the box. F5 BIG-IP is now a first-class citizen in vRealize Automation.

With the SovLabs F5 Module for vRealize Automation, vRA administrators and architects can now dynamically create or include existing F5 BIG-IP VIPs in vRA Blueprints. Take advantage of F5 BIG-IP features such as iRules® directly within vRA blueprints for consumption by developers, IT staff, or end-users.


F5 BIG-IP 11.5+, 12.x, 13.x
VMware vRealize Automation (vRA) 7.2+
VMware vRealize Orchestrator (vRO) 7.2+
EMC Enterprise Hybrid Cloud (EHC) 4.x

Quick Start Process

  1. Define F5 BIG-IP endpoint
  2. Drag, drop and modify the F5 Virtual component and link it to dependent machine components in the vRA Blueprint
  3. Provision!


  1. A user account configured in F5 BIG-IP®:
    • Role: Administrator
    • **Partition
    • User account has tmsh Terminal Access
    • Add/Remove F5 BIG-IP Virtual Servers
    • Add/Remove F5 BIG-IP Pools
    • Add/Remove F5 BIG-IP Nodes and Pool node members
    • Optional: Add F5 BIG-IP Virtual Server iRules, Add F5 BIG-IP Server/Client SSL Profiles, Add F5 BIG-IP Pool Health Monitors