SovLabs Template Engine

The SovLabs Template Engine allows for static text in combination with dynamic content such as vRA custom properties and/or custom logic

SovLabs Template Tester

  1. Login to vRA tenant
  2. Click on the Catalog tab
  3. Request the SovLabs Template Tester vRA Catalog Item
  4. No need to Submit the form

Form fields refresh automatically any time a field is updated
SovLabs Template Tester
SovLabs Template Tester

A form to help display the output based on Template and JSON Inputs provided

Select a type to show a default template


Only select an option to see an example

JSON Inputs

JSON valid key:value pairs (e.g. vRA VM Properties)


Type in the desired template to test

Use SovLabs Template Engine

Will display the output based on JSON Inputs and Template provided above

Go to SovLabs Template Engine Output