SovLabs Credentials

SovLabs Credentials allows better management of credentials across SovLabs vRA configuration items.

Once an Credential is configured, it will be encrypted. SovLabs Modules that use the Credential configuration will provide a dropdown list of relevant Credential configurations to choose from.


  • If utilizing SSH keys, have the full SSH private key readily available along with the SSH Key passphrase, if a passphrase is required
  • If using a simple login username and password, have the credentials readily available

Manage Credential Configuration

  1. Login to vRA tenant
  2. Click on the Catalog tab
  3. Request the Manage Credential Configuration vRA Catalog Item
  4. Fill out the form accordingly (see below) and Submit
Manage Credential Configuration
Manage Credential Configuration


Choose whether to create, update or delete a SovLabs credential

Filter by type

Shown if Action is 'Update' or 'Delete'

Select the appropriate Type to filter existing credentials by


Shown if Action is 'Update' or 'Delete'

Select an existing credential to update or delete

Configuration label

No spaces, periods or special characters except underscore (_) and dash (-)

Unique label

DO NOT prepend with your tenant name and an underscore, e.g. mytenant_


Shown if Action is 'Create' or 'Update'

Select type of Credential


If shown, normally the OS type

Connection method

Select the connection method

Key used?

Shown when 'Connection method' is SSH based

Check the checkbox to use an SSH Key


Username that has necessary permissions


Shown if Key used? is not checked

User's password


Shown if Key used? is checked


SSH Key Password

Shown if Key used? is checked

SSH Key password, if any


Use by selecting a SovLabs Credential configuration in any SovLabs Endpoints and/or Configurations