Step 2.3

Create vRO vRA Host

Location Notes
vRO client Create a vRA Host via vRO workflow

The default vRA host will not work for the SovLabs plugin.

The vRA Host must be Shared Session mode.

If using the vsphere.local tenant, the name must begin with sovlabs_

1. Login to the vRO client

2. In the Workflows tab, go to: Library > vRealize Automation > Configuration > Add a vRA Host

Add vRA Host - vRO fig. 1 Screenshot

3. Right-click the workflow and click Start workflow and fill out the form:

Field Value Note
Host Name Name to use for vRA Host endpoint If installing the SovLabs Plugin in vsphere.local tenant,
begin the hostname with sovlabs_


No port number
Automatically install SSL certificates? Yes  
Connection Timeout Keep default  
Operation Timeout Keep default  
Maximum page size… Keep default  
Add vRA Host - vRO fig. 2 Screenshot

4. Click Next in the form wizard:

Field Value Note
Session mode Shared Session *Must be Shared Session, not Per User
Tenant vRA tenant in which SovLabs Modules will be installed This is case-sensitive!
Authentication Username vRA Service Account user Use sov_admin@vsphere.local (or other vRA user setup in Step 1.1)
Authentication Password vRA Service Account user’s password  
Add vRA Host - vRO fig. 3 Screenshot

5. Click Submit in the form wizard

6. The workflow should finish successfully

Add vRA Host - vRO fig. 4 Screenshot
New inventory item for the vRA host will be in Inventory tab in the vRO client
vRA Host in Inventory - vRO fig. 1 Screenshot