Step 1.0

vRA Prerequisites

  • VMware’s vRealize Automation (vRA)
  • vRA components have been configured according to VMware’s recommendations
  • Refer to VMware’s Architecture and Design and Reference Architecture docs.
  • vRA has the following configured:
    • Tenant (can be any tenant, including the root tenant, vsphere.local…)
    • Compute Resource(s)
    • Reservation(s)
    • vRA Blueprint(s)
  • vCenter has the following configured:
    • Storage
    • Networks/Trunks/port groups
    • VM template(s)
    • vCenter Customization Specification(s)
  • Successfully provisioned a VM from vRA using a blueprint
Keep things simple by not using spaces or camel-casing for the following created for this install:
  • Tenant name
  • Users
  • Group names
  • Business Groups
Use all lowercase for these

For Clustered vRA and/or vRO, load balancing is configured according to VMware’s documentation: HA and vRA with SovLabs