Step 1.3

Create a vRA Business Group

Creating a SovLabs-specific vRA Business Group allows entitlements and ownership of SovLabs content to be confined to its own group.

It is especially beneficial in environments which will eventually allow end-users to request their own VMs (self-service) and perform Day2 operations.

This is less of an issue for POC or development/trial instances.

Location Notes
vRA Console Create a vRA Business Group with the name sovlabs.

This Business Group is used for ownership of the SovLabs Service.

It does not need any reservations configured.

Recommended to create a Business Group named sovlabs specifically for this purpose
If you are an advanced vRA user and you already have a group, please note the desired business group for future purposes.


1. Login to the vRA tenant https://[vRA-FQDN]/vcac/org/[tenant]

2. Click on Administration tab > Users and Groups > Business Groups

3. Create vRA Business Group

  • Click New
  • Type in the Name field: sovlabs
  • Add an email address for the Send manager emails to: field
  • Click Next
  • In the Members tab, add the vRA Custom Group (e.g. sov_admins) to the Group Manager role field
  • Click Next
  • Infrastructure tab: You may leave the fields blank
  • Click Finish
  • Logout of your vRA tenant instance
Add Business Group - vRA fig. 1 Screenshot
Add Business Group - vRA fig. 2 Screenshot
Add Business Group - vRA fig. 3 Screenshot