Step 2.0

vRO Prerequisites

  • VMware’s vRealize Orchestration (vRO) are already installed and configured.
    • vRO may be embedded (recommended) or external
  • vRO components have been configured according to VMware’s recommendations
  • If using an external vRO, vRO configured in vRA
    1. Login to the vRA tenant
    2. Click on the Administration tab > vRO Configuration > Server Configuration
    3. Toggle the Use an external Orchestrator server radio button
    4. Select Basic authentication and enter appropriate credentials
      • Should be a Service Account created/used for Step 1.1
      • Username in UPN format (user@domain)
    5. Click Test Connection
    6. If the connection is successful, click OK
    7. Click on the Infrastructure tab > Endpoints > Endpoints to add an external vRO endpoint in vRA
    8. Click on +New > Orchestration > vRealize Orchestrator
    9. Fill out the form accordingly
    10. Click on +New Custom Property to add the property:
      • Name: VMware.VCenterOrchestrator.Priority
      • Value: Any number with 1 being the highest priority
    11. Click OK to save

For Clustered vRA and/or vRO, load balancing is configured according to VMware’s documentation: HA and vRA with SovLabs