Step 2.5

Create vRO vRA IaaS Host

Location Notes
vRO client Create vRA IaaS Host via vRO workflow

The vRA IaaS Host may already exist
You will need the Service Account that was used to configure your vRA service on the IaaS Server.
IaaS Host credentials Screenshot

1. Login to the vRO client

2. In the Workflows tab, go to: Library > vRealize Automation > Configuration > Add an Iaas host of a vRA Host

Create IaaS Host - vRO fig. 1 Screenshot

3. Right-click the workflow and click Start workflow and fill out the form:

Field Value Note
vCAC Host Choose the appropriate vRA host in the list Created in Step 2.4
Create IaaS Host - vRO fig. 2 Screenshot

4. Click Next for Host Properties and accept the defaults. The fields should all be auto-filled

Create IaaS Host - vRO fig. 3 Screenshot

5. Click Next for Proxy settings

Field Value Note
Use Proxy No unless your installation uses a proxy  

6. Click Next for User credentials

Field Value Note
Host’s authentication type NTLM If using an embedded vRO, you should be able to select SSO
Authentication User Username only, no domain Service Account used in the VMware Cloud Automation Center service on your IaaS server
Authentication Password Type in username’s password  
Create IaaS Host - vRO fig. 4 Screenshot

6. Click Next for Domain and Workstation

Field Value Note
Workstation Leave blank unless otherwise needed  
Domain Type the domain for the Service Account  
Create IaaS Host - vRO fig. 5 Screenshot

7. Click Submit