Step 2.3

Increase vRO Max Heap Size

This is needed to prevent Out of Memory error when installing the SovLabs plugin in Control Center.

Location Notes
vRO server Increase vRO Max Heap to 768m for vco-configurator service

1. SSH as user root to the vRO server (e.g. SSH via PuTTy)

2. Make a backup copy of file

cp /var/lib/vco/configuration/bin/ /var/lib/vco/configuration/bin/

3. Modify the file:

vi /var/lib/vco/configuration/bin/
Be sure to edit the in configuration/bin and not in app-server/bin. This file is specific to the vRO Configurator (vRO Control Center)

4. Press the i key on the keyboard to edit the file

5. Find the #MEM_OPTS= section and replace 512 with 768:





6. Press the esc key on the keyboard

7. Type in :wq and press the Enter key to save the file

8. Restart vRO Configurator Service:

9. Repeat if you have more than one vRO (or vRA if using embedded vRO)

service vco-configurator restart