Step 1.1

Create local vRA user to be the Service Account

Requires a vRA user for ownership of the SovLabs Endpoints, Profiles and Services as well as connectivity into vRO to run workflows.

Location Notes
vRA console Create a local vRA user with the name sov_admin to be the service account.

This username is suggested for the sake of simplicity.

All lowercase, no spaces (e.g. sov_admin)
If you are an advanced vRA user and you already have another service account, verify the following permissions below and Skip to Step 1.2

The Service Account user must be an:

  • IaaS Administrator
  • Tenant Administrator

The Service Account user must also have at minimum the roles of:

  • XaaS Architect
  • Tenant Administrator


1. Login to the vRA’s base URL: https://[vRA-FQDN]/vcac

  • User: administrator and Domain: vsphere.local
Add Local User - vRA fig. 1 Screenshot

2. Click on the Tenant tab and click on your tenant in the list to edit it

Add Local User - vRA fig. 2 Screenshot

3. Add a local user

  • Click on the Local Users tab
  • Click New
  • Create the new user (recommended to use sov_admin as the username) and record the password somewhere safe
  • Click OK
Add Local User - vRA fig. 3 Screenshot
Add Local User - vRA fig. 4 Screenshot

4. User is in Tenant Administrators

  • Click on the Administrators tab for the tenant
  • Add the user (e.g. sov_admin) to the Tenant Administrators
  • Click Finish
Add Local User - vRA fig. 5 Screenshot

5. Logout of the base vRA instance